Missing You is a Part of my Daily Routine

ImageI’ve always prided myself on my complete genius for coming up with snappy phrases that I am sure would make me millions if I worked for, say, a greeting card company.  For instance, my homemade line of ‘Some’ cards would blow at least one, maybe two minds.  So, when this new jewel hit me today as I was thinking about my sister, seemingly millions of miles away from me in Germany, I thought if I could send her a tailor made card, it would read, “Missing you is a part of my daily routine.”  That got me to thinking.  I have missed my sister, two amazing nieces, and brother-in-law for nearly two years now, but now, now living on the road again those near and far are constantly on my mind.

Jason and I feel blessed to have friends and family scattered all over this lovely country of ours and, as-fore-mentioned, our grand planet.  No matter where we live, or work, we are always missing someone or more accurately someones.  Leaving Colorado, our home for the past 5 years, required us to say good-bye for now to yet another set of brilliant and fabulous people we have come to know and absolutely love.

We are coming to the end of our time in Chicago.  All our work has been neatly wrapped up and after exploring the city and catching up with this sector of friends, we are readying ourselves to pack up and head on to the next.  Chicago, always having been one of my absolute favorite cities, has treated us well.  What it lacks in fabulous weather it makes up for with fun people, amazing food, and beverage.  Which brings me to my next point, beverage, beverage, and more beverage!! I tour the city by drinking my way through it (and subsequently peeing my way through it too). Be it coffee, tee, cocktails, Izze, water in large portions, I’ve seen the inside of most bathrooms from North to South, East and West of this city,  But more seriously we have encountered incredible restaurants, bakeries, bars, lounges, rooms, nooks,corners and pads.  From cemeteries to record shops, the living and dead alike have made our time here valuable and meaningful.

Life on the road is returning to me and it’s amazing how easily I pick it up again.  My plaid rubber boots (I walk the dogs morning, noon, and night) are placed, as in years before, by the front door of the hotel room, as if I had never skipped a beat. I might touch rather lightly on the actual happenings in the city or daily discoveries of the road, but that’s only because the lasting impressions, for me at least, are the little things.  My boots by the door, the daily walks Jason and I take with the girls, snuggling Boots in bed, and avoiding death each time we drive around the city, daily life, and that of living it.

On the horizon is a new day and another town, city, gas station and many potty breaks to come.  But all I can think of is the title of this post.  No matter where I go or what I do, or who that makes me become, for all those I carry in my heart on this all be it lonely road, “Missing you is a part of my daily routine.”

Listen to Music & Eat Lots of Donuts,



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