A Long Days Night Drive

Twelve hours on the road and (drum roll please) Chicago! Domestic bliss is ours for the next 3 weeks at the Staybridge Suites in Oakbrook Terrace.  Let me just say it’s pure magic…simply magic!  Free laundry, a gym, and Tazo tea bags in the lobby; its clear that it doesn’t take much to please me.  And she wrote, “This back-to-basics life-of-freedom is soothing my restless soul.”  Alas, on a counter note, is it now a socially acceptable thing to run around hotels and their lobbies in bare feet?  This seems to be a growing trend/epidemic as we have encountered multiple sightings in multiple cities now. I think I’ll try it, maybe take my pants off too, wear a goofy hat even.  Anyway, a couple of days and we are settled in and ready to get some work done.

The best part of today, hearing an Edith Piaf song while eating at a French restaraunt.  “OHHH!”, you gasp, “Well-a-la-ti-da!”

A tip of my (goofy) hat to you,



One thought on “A Long Days Night Drive

  1. QB says:

    I suppose if said miss-shoed (yes, I realize that isn’t a real word) persons were under the age of say, 11, I wouldn’t think as much about it. However, there does seem to be an epidemic of some sort relating to missing clothing, lack of self-respect and dignity, or just plain laziness in numerous over-the-age-of-11 folk. Not sure… About a week ago I witnessed a grown woman in full on flannel (plaid) pajama top and bottom with fuzzy slippers enjoying her breakfast at Panera. Now granted, it is not unlikely that most of us, at least once in our lives thought, “Gosh, wouldn’t it be nice if I could just (literally) roll out of bed and go about my day in public still wearing my pjs?” Sans shower and personal hygiene. Who cares about make-up and hair brushes? Clothes? What’s wrong with my pjs? I’ve seen 15 year old girls wearing not much more than my pj top…at least I’m covered. Did I mention dignity? Overrated! Side rant, most of the above mentioned probably learned these sub-values to be ‘ok’ before they were 11 in one way or another and continues the lazy, who gives a bleep, I’m entitled to do whatever, whenever I want rebellion to their off-spring. A vicious cycle for sure.

    Did I mention that I miss you guys? Hope you have fun in IL! XOXO The QB from EAH

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