“A sake a day keeps the doctor away, unless you’re the doctors wife.”

ImageWell, we have officially left the mountains of Colorado to embark on yet another stint on the road.  Moving day couldn’t have been more perfect and as we waved good-bye we watched the snow-capped mountains fade in our rear-view.  Jason and I have spent 5 years here, and now embrace a new journey that leads us away.


Ok, so our first stop is Lawrence, KS for a little time with friends and family and an hour drive to my great uncle John’s storage facility in Olathe.  Everything we own now tucks somewhat-neatly in a 10×15 metal room.  Not sure when we’ll decide to find a permanent home again.  It’s kind of freeing really, knowing you are where you are and nothing is final or set in stone.  Of course, finality is a frame of mind.  I am only as free as I allow myself to be, but this certainly helps.

I guess I’ve always been one who longs to wander, and that lust, along with a pretty unique and fairly obscure job, has allowed me in past years to go basically all over the US of A.  Also, my recent solo trip to Spain made me feel like an ‘O’ fficial world traveler.  I shan’t use this blog to bore with details of every stop I make or explanations of how fabulous my life is on the road.  No, this blog (here is where I inevitably define my purpose…wait for it….) will be used to document the reality of life on the road and my observations of people and places along the way.  It’s not always glamorous, but it’s real.


So with that lets begin at the real begining, oddly enough, our second stop, Pryor Oklahoma.  After more that 6 years of being away I have returned to my roots.  Not only the place I said “I do” but the place a mere three months later, I watched as my mother was buried in the ground.  The significance of returning holds many keys, but visiting my mothers grave was one of them.  As I drove the John Deer Gator around my grandparents 90 acre ranch I stopped to pick some wildflowers to adorn her grave.  Gazing up at the Oklahoma sky I reconnected with the beauty of the land and the reason why I know she is at rest here.

Now, I sit comfortably on my brothers couch at him and his wife’s home in Tulsa,Ok, the place where I was born and raised.  I sip a Jack and coke and feel glad that my husband and my brother are playing video games together, while my lovely sister-in-law works on her computer.  My schnauzer sleeps next to me and I understand the the first lesson of our trek, that old adage, home is where the heart is, and right now…I’m there.

Phew! I’m glad that’s over with.  I hate introductions.

Best of all things,



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