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Missing You is a Part of my Daily Routine

ImageI’ve always prided myself on my complete genius for coming up with snappy phrases that I am sure would make me millions if I worked for, say, a greeting card company.  For instance, my homemade line of ‘Some’ cards would blow at least one, maybe two minds.  So, when this new jewel hit me today as I was thinking about my sister, seemingly millions of miles away from me in Germany, I thought if I could send her a tailor made card, it would read, “Missing you is a part of my daily routine.”  That got me to thinking.  I have missed my sister, two amazing nieces, and brother-in-law for nearly two years now, but now, now living on the road again those near and far are constantly on my mind.

Jason and I feel blessed to have friends and family scattered all over this lovely country of ours and, as-fore-mentioned, our grand planet.  No matter where we live, or work, we are always missing someone or more accurately someones.  Leaving Colorado, our home for the past 5 years, required us to say good-bye for now to yet another set of brilliant and fabulous people we have come to know and absolutely love.

We are coming to the end of our time in Chicago.  All our work has been neatly wrapped up and after exploring the city and catching up with this sector of friends, we are readying ourselves to pack up and head on to the next.  Chicago, always having been one of my absolute favorite cities, has treated us well.  What it lacks in fabulous weather it makes up for with fun people, amazing food, and beverage.  Which brings me to my next point, beverage, beverage, and more beverage!! I tour the city by drinking my way through it (and subsequently peeing my way through it too). Be it coffee, tee, cocktails, Izze, water in large portions, I’ve seen the inside of most bathrooms from North to South, East and West of this city,  But more seriously we have encountered incredible restaurants, bakeries, bars, lounges, rooms, nooks,corners and pads.  From cemeteries to record shops, the living and dead alike have made our time here valuable and meaningful.

Life on the road is returning to me and it’s amazing how easily I pick it up again.  My plaid rubber boots (I walk the dogs morning, noon, and night) are placed, as in years before, by the front door of the hotel room, as if I had never skipped a beat. I might touch rather lightly on the actual happenings in the city or daily discoveries of the road, but that’s only because the lasting impressions, for me at least, are the little things.  My boots by the door, the daily walks Jason and I take with the girls, snuggling Boots in bed, and avoiding death each time we drive around the city, daily life, and that of living it.

On the horizon is a new day and another town, city, gas station and many potty breaks to come.  But all I can think of is the title of this post.  No matter where I go or what I do, or who that makes me become, for all those I carry in my heart on this all be it lonely road, “Missing you is a part of my daily routine.”

Listen to Music & Eat Lots of Donuts,



A Long Days Night Drive

Twelve hours on the road and (drum roll please) Chicago! Domestic bliss is ours for the next 3 weeks at the Staybridge Suites in Oakbrook Terrace.  Let me just say it’s pure magic…simply magic!  Free laundry, a gym, and Tazo tea bags in the lobby; its clear that it doesn’t take much to please me.  And she wrote, “This back-to-basics life-of-freedom is soothing my restless soul.”  Alas, on a counter note, is it now a socially acceptable thing to run around hotels and their lobbies in bare feet?  This seems to be a growing trend/epidemic as we have encountered multiple sightings in multiple cities now. I think I’ll try it, maybe take my pants off too, wear a goofy hat even.  Anyway, a couple of days and we are settled in and ready to get some work done.

The best part of today, hearing an Edith Piaf song while eating at a French restaraunt.  “OHHH!”, you gasp, “Well-a-la-ti-da!”

A tip of my (goofy) hat to you,


“A sake a day keeps the doctor away, unless you’re the doctors wife.”

ImageWell, we have officially left the mountains of Colorado to embark on yet another stint on the road.  Moving day couldn’t have been more perfect and as we waved good-bye we watched the snow-capped mountains fade in our rear-view.  Jason and I have spent 5 years here, and now embrace a new journey that leads us away.


Ok, so our first stop is Lawrence, KS for a little time with friends and family and an hour drive to my great uncle John’s storage facility in Olathe.  Everything we own now tucks somewhat-neatly in a 10×15 metal room.  Not sure when we’ll decide to find a permanent home again.  It’s kind of freeing really, knowing you are where you are and nothing is final or set in stone.  Of course, finality is a frame of mind.  I am only as free as I allow myself to be, but this certainly helps.

I guess I’ve always been one who longs to wander, and that lust, along with a pretty unique and fairly obscure job, has allowed me in past years to go basically all over the US of A.  Also, my recent solo trip to Spain made me feel like an ‘O’ fficial world traveler.  I shan’t use this blog to bore with details of every stop I make or explanations of how fabulous my life is on the road.  No, this blog (here is where I inevitably define my purpose…wait for it….) will be used to document the reality of life on the road and my observations of people and places along the way.  It’s not always glamorous, but it’s real.


So with that lets begin at the real begining, oddly enough, our second stop, Pryor Oklahoma.  After more that 6 years of being away I have returned to my roots.  Not only the place I said “I do” but the place a mere three months later, I watched as my mother was buried in the ground.  The significance of returning holds many keys, but visiting my mothers grave was one of them.  As I drove the John Deer Gator around my grandparents 90 acre ranch I stopped to pick some wildflowers to adorn her grave.  Gazing up at the Oklahoma sky I reconnected with the beauty of the land and the reason why I know she is at rest here.

Now, I sit comfortably on my brothers couch at him and his wife’s home in Tulsa,Ok, the place where I was born and raised.  I sip a Jack and coke and feel glad that my husband and my brother are playing video games together, while my lovely sister-in-law works on her computer.  My schnauzer sleeps next to me and I understand the the first lesson of our trek, that old adage, home is where the heart is, and right now…I’m there.

Phew! I’m glad that’s over with.  I hate introductions.

Best of all things,